Doubled MP4 video size in AP9 compared to AP8

Problem: Video exported from AP9 has double of the size of the same video expoted from AP8. Videos are being exported in the same format, using the same codec.
See images in notes for more details.

ActivePresenter version:
New AP – 9.1.1
Old AP – 8.5.8

Win 11

Here is the setup and Codec Info from AP9:

Here is the setup and Codec Info from AP8:

What has changed, is there something I am doing wrong, or am I missing something? I am probing AP9 so our department can upgrade to it. We do not want to double our video storage space.
I know I could use the 265 codec to achieve smaller file size, but that might bring further technical difficulties with the SW into which the videos are integrated.

Thanks in advance,


Hi Vít,

Thank you for your report.

We are looking into this problem and will soon get back to you.
Please stay tuned and thank you in advance for your patience.

Quynh Anh

Hi Vít,

We have checked the case and confirm that this issue happens in version 9 due to our change in 1 option to improve the seeking experience for HTML5 output. However, this has accidentally affected the video output.
We will fix this issue with the video output in the next update, so thank you again for your detection.

Have an effective week ahead!
Quynh Anh

Hi @Vit,

We have released an update that fixes the issue: Incorrect default settings cause large output file size.
Please update ActivePresenter to the latest version to experience it.