Distractor Mouse Clicks in Simulations

While including a “correct” mouse click in a simulation is good, it would also be nice to quickly add “distractor” or incorrect mouse clicks that are formatted to mark the student as incorrect without having to go through the long setup process of changing the definitions of correct and incorrect message display and scoring options.

By the way, I’ve noticed that if you remove the the border around a mouse click event it breaks it such that it no longer shows an altered cursor image and always shows the click as incorrect. I’ve found a workaround, by setting the border to 0 rather than setting it to “no border” but it seems like a bug to me.Removing the border shouldn’t cause the behavior of the mouse click to work.

Hi Roger,

We support catching the mouse according to the shape of objects.
If you want to catch the mouse while being transparent, you must set line/fill
You can remove the line and set the Solid Fill with color Opacity to 0

Regarding the mouse click message, please correct me if I misunderstood it.
In case you want to change the feedback messages to all the messages on the slides, you can follow the steps in this quick video tutorial:

Best regards,