Displaying keyboard and mouse actions on screen

Hi, I need to simply jot down various actions as what I did, then process it. Is there a way to simply link the recorded keyboard and mouse actions in ActivePresenter so that the final display is similar to the image.



Have you tried the Record Software Simulation feature in ActivePresenter?

When choosing to record screens as software simulations, the feature allows you to capture all actions on the screen and then convert them into a slide-based project including image slides (mouse click, keystroke) and video slides (mouse scroll, drag-n-drop) with interactive elements.

Kindly spend time researching this feature to see if it fits your needs. Or else, you can describe what you want in more details so we can assist you further.

Quynh Anh

Thank you, I’ll take a look, try it out and let you know.
I know it’s nice for me too, when they show this information during the demonstration. ActivePresenter has it sorted out great, I even change my cursor, depending on the action, but sometimes a simpler option is handy.

So I looked at it, this is what I can do, even changing the cursor according to mouse/key reaction.

I’m after a simpler way of displaying in the edge of the screen, like in the picture. I.e. to show what was pressed for the key and mouse buttons in the edge of the screen.
There are other programs for this, but I was thinking of taking advantage of the options in ActivePresenter from the data it records when recording.

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I know the above, I meant it like this, create a quick one from the recorded data. Sometimes it’s easier to understand when it’s displayed like this.

Unfortunately, ActivePresenter does not support this, Jiri.

Quynh Anh

It’s okay, I was just asking. Active Presenter does a lot of other things well. I was wondering since ActivePresenter records all the data over time, if that information could be used in other ways.

Thank you


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You’re welcome, Jirka.

We’re glad to know that you find our software useful. It’s a huge motivation for us.
Please feel free to open another topic on this community whenever you have problems/ questions.
We always encourage users to share experience and exchange information here :muscle:

Quynh Anh

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