Display or hide all callouts based on variable values

My project is an interactive tutorial. On the Title screen, the user advances by clicking either the Guided Tutorial radio button (which includes hotspots, callouts, info notes) or the Self-Paced Tutorial (which does not display the callouts) radio button.

I know I need to have each radio button write a different value to the same variable (which I called Mode) and then have the callouts hide or display depending on the value of the variable.

My questions is: can I somehow set up that hide or display variable action for the entire project or do I have to do it on every slide?

Or is there an even easier way that I don’t know?



Yes, you must add actions to show/hide your objects depending on the variable value in each slide On Load event.

You can also try using Show In Mode property and the following JavaScript to change the mode:

prez.options.playMode = 'Tutorial'; // or Practice, Test

Please see On Check events of radio buttons in this sample: change_mode.approj (268 KB)

Please be noticed that ActivePresenter doesn’t support changing mode on the fly yet. This script is just a workaround for some specific use cases. It’ll not work correctly if you use Show in Mode for slides, different player UI for each mode. It may not work in some other cases such as changing from an interactive mode (Tutorial, Practice or Test) to Demonstration mode.
We’ll consider supporting this in future releases.


Thank you for the answer!