Disabled textbox to be enabled by keyup and onfocusout

Problem: Hi, I want to do something like this. There will be two textboxes. First one will be enabled and the second one disabled by default. Once the user types something in the first one and focuses out of it the second one will be enabled. How can I do this?

ActivePresenter version: 9

OS: Windows 10

Hi Aytug,

Please check this sample to see if it can satisfy your need.
enable.approj (284 KB)
The workaround here is to use the Submit: Press Key option and add Change Object State action to the On Text Enter event for the first text entry.
After the user entered the answer in the first text box and press Enter to submit the answer, the state of the second text entry will change from Disabled to Normal for the user to click and enter the answer.

To do that, you need to add state: Disabled to the other text entry in advance.
You can take a look at how to change object state here:

Hope this solves your request.

Quynh Anh

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