Disable slide option

Could it be made possible to disable a slide in the slides view (which is displayed at the leftside of the screen). When disabled, the slide and it’s content’s would always be available and visible in the slides view BUT greyed-out. This means when rendering the final video, that slide would not be rendered.

When the slide get’s enabled, then the slide get’s active and displayed normally and when rendering the final video it would be included in the rendering.

This might be useful for situations when:

  • You don’t know 100% sure if you want a slide to be included not included, now you can have it always available (and decide when doing the final rendering if you want to include or not).
  • The user could have an special assets-slide with assets (images, objects, …) related to that project always available but is not rendered when rendering the video

Hi r0n,

Thanks for suggestion. We will try to implement this feature in the next update.
Regarding the assets management, please see the Object Template feature: https://atomisystems.com/tutorials/ap7/creating-using-object-templates/