Disable player's next button while lesson is running

Problem: how to disable the player’s next button while the lesson is running, once the content of the slide is complete then enable the next button so that the user can go to the next slide.

ActivePresenter version: 8.5.7

OS: Mac


Hi Pranav,

For your request, I’m sorry there’s no way to disable the next button.

You can try the following suggestion to see if it helps deal with your concern.

  1. Place the Playhead close to the end of each slide, then add a button (Insert tab > Shape > select one from the built-in list).

  2. Add events - actions to these buttons so your students can forward to the next slide (select the button > Properties pane > Interactivity tab > Events - Actions section > add On Click event > Go Forward action).

  3. Specify navigation behavior. Choose None for your students not to navigate through the slides. Choose Backward Only for your students to go back to the slides they have already seen
    (Export tab > Player Settings > General Parameters > Content section > Navigation > None or Backward Only).


If you need further assistance, kindly follow up with me.

Kind regards,

Quynh Anh.