Different feedback slides at the end of the presentation

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So I have an idea of something I wanna do in Active Presenter, but I don’t really know how to do it, so maybe someone can help me out.
The idea is to make a quiz type of thing, with slide pools from where the “random slide” feature can go and pick up pre-made questions there. But I wanted to, at the end, make different slides depending on the score points. So, for example, if the person taking the quiz has a final score of something between 70%-100%, I want it to display a feedback slide with a very positive message. If the person fails miserably and scores something between 0%-20%, it will display a feedback message with a “try again” or something like that.
So basically I want to program Active Presenter to display one of a number of pre-made slides depending on the input/overall score of the person. Is this possible to do? How do I do it?

I’m sorry if it’s confusing, I’m having a hard time explaining clearly what I’m trying to achieve…


You can set up to show a corresponding message when learners pass or fail the quiz by doing the following steps:

Step 1: Insert a Report Slide at the end of the quiz (Go to the Questions tab > Report Slide).

Step 2: Create congratulations and try again messages when learners pass or fail the quiz. To make these messages show up depending on learner’s result, right-click them > Initially Hidden.

Step 3: Set event-action for the Report Slide (In the Properties pane of the Report Slide > Events-Actions > Add the Show Object action to the On Load event.

  • If learners pass the quiz, show congratulations message, and add condition to the Show Object action. (Click Add Condition > If apQuizPassedBool is equal to value true).

  • If learners fail the quiz, show try again message, and add condition to the Show Object action. (Click Add Condition > If apQuizPassedBool is equal to value false).

Step 4: Define the pass condition to the quiz as 70% (access the Export tab > HTML5 > General tab > Pass Condition > Percents of correct answers not less than 70%)

For more details, please refer to my sample project below:
Pass-fail result.approj (2.2 MB)


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Thank you, that was super helpful :smiley:
What if I wanted to add a third message for if the person scores between 20%-70%? Like a middle ground response.

Hi Beatriz,

In that case, you can use the apQuizScorePercentage variable instead. And then set events-actions to the On Load event of the Report Slide and add conditions like the screenshot below:

apQuizScorePercentage variable


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