Default Show in mode not working

Problem: Hi, in ActivePresenter Préférences, I checked every mode in Show in Mode for CursorPath. Then, when I do a new Smart Capture, every cursor path it creates only show in Demostration mode and I have to access Properties panel and check every modes for every cursor path created… What am I missing? Does cursor path only show in Demo mode? Is there another way to default cursor path in each mode?

Thank you

ActivePresenter Version: old 6.0.3

OS: Win 7


We have checked with the latest update of ActivePresenter 6 ( and seen that it works. Can you please update to this version to see if it can resolve the issue or not?


Thank you for your response. I tried at home and updating to 6.1.6 resolve the issue. Now, I need to convince the IT team to update ActivePresenter at my job :slight_smile: