Customize right click menu and Keyboard shortcuts (hotkeys) for all format actions (align,....)

Could it be made possible to:

Customize the rightclick menu to add our own most used actions.
For example add “allign center” to the right click menu?

Could the individual format actions also be mapped to a keyboard shorctot.
For example: CTRL+SHIFT+E = align current selected object to center.

Thank you.

Hi r0n,

  1. Unfortunately, the currrent version doesn’t support this.
  2. You can do that by the following steps:
  • In Start Page, click Preferences (the Gear icon).
  • In the Preferences dialog, select the Hotkeys tab.
  • Expand the Home item in the tree, then expand the Arrange command group.
  • Set the new hotkeys for alignment actions.
  • Click OK.
    I think this will also address the first issue.