Customize bullet point


I would like to customize the bullet point in text. That is possible in PowerPoint presentation but while importing or editing in ActivePresenter only are able some simple bullet points.


What sort of customization are you thinking?

Some ideas

  1. You could use a wingdings or webdings font
  2. You could use some Alt Codes to drop something a little different in place like a triangle. :heart::diamonds::clubs::spades:♪♫►§
  3. You could layout your text the way you want and then drop a custom image on the stage and size/duplicate/position as desired to achieve the effect.

Yeah it is a little more work but gets you where you are headed in the short term.

Hi @JuanD18,

At the current time, ActivePresenter supports some simple bullet points as you can see.
We’ll consider adding more if there are many other requests.
In the meantime, you can try the Greg’s suggestion.


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