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Customizable Buttons on the Topbar



is there any way, to create a second button on the Topbar? I’ve already used References Button, but in my projects I usually add many media content under Creative Commons licence, and would like to have a button on the Topbar to display the “Credits”.
I’m using the latest version of A.P., is this something we will see in future versions?

Thank you,


(Nam Nguyen) #2

Hi Cecilia,

Unfortunately, ActivePresenter doesn’t allow creating a custom button in Player. We will consider adding this if we get more requests from users.


(Dao Viet Phuong) #3

Hi Cecilia,

Actually, you can do this by modifying the player layout files then add your code in. For example, you can edit the file at “C:\Program Files\ATOMI\ActivePresenter\templates\html5\skin\Modern\player\layouts\topbar.html” as below:

<div class="ap-toolbar-top ap-toolbar" role="toolbar" tabindex="0">
		.ap-tool-credits .ap-button-label {
			padding: 10px !important;
	<script type="text/javascript">
		var $ = window.AtomiAP.$;
		$(".ap-tool-credits").bind("click", function() {
			alert("Add your code here");
    <div class="ap-tool-projectname"></div>
	<div class="ap-button ap-tool-credits" data-has-label="true" data-has-icon="false"><div class="ap-button-label">Credits</div></div>
    <div class="ap-button ap-tool-resources" data-has-label="true"></div>