Customising drag and drop quiz

Problem: Is there a document available that fully outlines the ‘operational basis’ for quiz questions, for example, drag and drop, to answer queries related to customising the quizzes, such as:

  1. The quizzes appear to use a custom container type to hold the active components (drag sources/targets, radio buttons etc). So you cannot create your own quiz from a blank sheet, but rather must either use one of your template quiz types or copy/paste from an existing quiz that has been created from one of your templates, correct?
  2. Following on from the above then, there is no selection of a ‘quiz container type’ you can drag and drop onto a page to start the process?
  3. How does one change the default shapes for the drag and drop targets that come in your template? It is clear you can change to an image for these, but what if I just want ot change the shape? For example, the template uses rectangles, but what if I want to use rounded rectangles to replace these?

ActivePresenter version: latest

OS: Windows



Please find the answers below:

  1. It seems that you want to create questions from blank slide. Yes, you can do that. In the Insert tab, you can find Text Caption, Check Box, Radio Button, Button, ect. that are parts of a question.
    Then, add events - actions for objects to make questions interactive: Work with Events - Actions in ActivePresenter 8 - Atomi Systems, Inc.
  2. Unfortunately, ActivePresenter 8 hasn’t supported this feature yet.
  3. You can change the shape in the Format tab (select a drag source/drop target > Format tab > Change Shape.
    Besides, you can customize shapes in Object Settings window: How to Use Object Settings - ActivePresenter 8 - YouTube
    Then, save the project as a custom theme to reuse whenever you want: How to Use Custom Themes - ActivePresenter 8 - YouTube


Hi Quynh,
Once again, thank you for your fast and informative response. Everything is clear except one thing:

  1. If I was to create a question from a blank slide, how do I implement the functionality that the container object in your template quiz slides has? Specifically, your template container has functionality for “Score & Reporting”. I do not see that available in the standard flex or grid containers. How then do I implement that?



In the Score & Reporting section of a question, there are some important options such as Points, Timeout, Shuffle Answers. That’s why default question templates are much more convenient than creating one on your own.

You can create a score box manually:

  • Insert a text caption or shape as a score box.

  • Create a number variable: open the Home tab > Variables > Click the Add button in the bottom-left corner to add a variable.

    You can see this tutorial for details: How to Use Number Variables in ActivePresenter 8 - Atomi Systems, Inc.

  • Add a reference to the score box: double-click the score box > Home tab > Reference > select the variable you’ve just created > OK.

  • Add events - actions to the correct answer: select the correct answer > add the On Check event > add the Adjust Variables action as below:
    Screenshot (436)
    In this way, if users select a correct answer, the score will increase by 1 point.

Creating questions in this way takes more time and effort than using templates. Another limitation is that you can not shuffle answer options. Besides, it doesn’t support reporting in case you upload the course onto LMS, for example.

Regarding Time Out, you can use Animated Timer: How to Work with Animated Timers in ActivePresenter 8


Fair enough! Seems like it is better to modify the templates then!

It might be good to consider implementing an option where the user can place a specialised container that has the ‘Score & Reporting’ section implemented in it. That way, in cases where you want to create a quiz structure that is a lot different to the template, it might be easier to start from this than spend a lot of time modifying the template…

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