Custom spell checking + animated gif export

Hi I have downloaded a trial of Active Presenter and I’m quickly discovering video recording and how it all works. I discovered that it use great open source projects in the background. So my questions are related to them.

  1. Can I add another dictionary for spell checking from UI? AP use hunspell dictionaries which dictionaries can be downloaded from Internet. I managed it by replacing de_DE content and using German selection for my Czech dictionary but it is a bit hacky way :-).

  2. Can I export a selected part from the project timeline (all slides view selected) as video? Without creating a new trimmed project.

2a) Any plans for adding export to animated gif (only if selected part of video can be exported)? I’ve been using ffmpeg in terminal but would be nice to have this format for export, too. I know there should have been limitations for length, size and the reliability sometimes is not great (maybe as an experimental feature?).
ffmpeg.exe -i ./video.avi -vf "fps=20,scale=800:-1:flags=lanczos,split[s0][s1];[s0]palettegen[p];[s1][p]paletteuse" -loop 0 ./video.gif




  1. Adding a new dictionary from ActivePresenter UI is not supported yet. For adding the Czech dictionary, you can extract the file (564.7 KB) into C:\Program Files\ATOMI\ActivePresenter\dictionaries

  2. Unfortunately, this feature is not supported in the current version of ActivePresenter.

2a) As you may know, ActivePresenter is designed for creating training videos and interactive HTML5 eLearning content so we have many other tasks with higher priority. We don’t have the plan to support this feature yet.


I was adding it under a wrong file names (cs_CS) first. It must be added as cs as you wrote. The dictionary you have provided has much more word in it. Thanks.

I don’t think it should have a UI support. Sometimes note i documentation is enough.

Thanks very much for your feedback.


sorry additional note to the second answer of my question.

  1. I use animated gif as a short guide (usually recorded screen with step by step guide - that is why I installed AP now to create my guides easier with cursor path manipulation) which can be placed easily on our Intranet instead of static picture. I understand that many people maybe even don’t know that animated gif could be used in other way then with “funny” content on social networks. That’s why I would welcomed possibility to export a part of video from the timeline :slight_smile: - in the next step i can use magic with commandline. Anyway, thanks the explanation.