Custom score and success

i designed my own question for a quiz using variables because the system questions don’t offer what i need and i created a variable to represent the score and other one for the success so what i need is a way to make these two variables go as the system score and success
ActivePresenter Version: 7.5.3




You can add the following script to Project > Properties > Event to use your score and success as the system score and success:

if (!prez.myCustomScore) {
    prez.myCustomScore = true;
    prez.score = function() {
        // update your_score_variable_name
        return this.variable('your_score_variable_name');
    prez.maxScore = function() {
        // update maximum score for your project
        return 100; 
    prez.result = function() {
        // return true -> success, false -> fail
        // for example, use your TRUE/FALSE variable
        return this.variable('your_TRUE_FALSE_success_variable_name');

P/S: it would be helpful if you could share your project or describe your own quiz so that we can improve ActivePresenter quizzes and the system score.


this worked fine for me however the completion gives me 800% when i’m finished so i created a variable for it too so can you please provide me with code to make this one go as the system completion… thanks a lot for the help in advance

Do you mean the score in percentage?
If so, please change the value in maxScore function from 100 to your max score (maybe 800).