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Hoping you can help with this one. I have a slide with a picture of a top down town on it (The user is looking at a town from above) I want to have some cars driving around the town and for this I am using a custom path, but the issue I’m having is my vehicle stays pointing in the same direction. I need my vehicle to rotate 90 degrees as it’s going around a corner. Is this possible in AP or should I animate it outside in another piece of software? I thought I could adjust the path nodes or add a turn, but the shape always retains its position facing up. I am looking at Saolo animate as an option. Is it easy to import content from there into Active Presenter?
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Saola Animate offers the Auto-Orient Motion Path option (Create Motion Paths in Saola Animate 3 - Atomi Systems, Inc.), making it an ideal solution for rotating a vehicle around a corner. Therefore, you can consider using Saola Animate in this case and then export it as an HTML5 package (Export Projects to HTML5 in Saola Animate 3 - Atomi Systems, Inc.) to embed it to ActivePresenter via Web Object (How to Insert Web Objects in ActivePresenter 9).

Furthermore, for a broader understanding of integrating ActivePresenter and Saola Animate, you may find this tutorial helpful: How to Integrate ActivePresenter with Saola Animate? 

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Hi Hang Nguyễn,
Many thanks for your support on this. I downloaded the demo for Animate earlier in the week and purchased it today. When I’m using Animate, everything looks good, but when I import it into my Active Presenter project it is oversized beyond the 1000x720 pixels both of the projects are set at.
I think the issue is that it is expanding the viewable page to include objects that start off the stage. ie, I have a vehicle that is off the stage on the left, then travels across the page exiting right. I can see the vehicle off the page. In the Animate project, I have ‘Overflow’ set as hidden, but for some reason the project when I insert it into my Presenter Project it sizes itself as 1368x834. If I shrink it it resizes what is viewable. Am I missing something obvious? I can’t find anything in the community.
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Hi Steve,

Please send us your Saola project (.saolapack) and the ActivePresenter project (.approj) that includes your imported Saola Animate web object so that we can further check.
You can attach them here or send them to