Custom Javascript not working


I have a slide in a existent ActivePresenter 6 file which run a custom JavaScript to write some data in a learning record system service. It was working until version 6, however I updated Active presenter to version 7.5.5 and it does not work anymore. It seams that no custom javascript is working.
What should I do?

ActivePresenter Version: 7.5.5

OS: Windows 10 Pro


Hi Durval,

Due to huge changes in version 7, we can’t manage to keep the HTML5 JavaScript APIs of version 6.
You need to convert them to version 7 manually.
Please refer to the manual, Adding Interactivity > Custom JavaScript in HTML5 Output section to see version 7 APIs, and how to convert from version 6 APIs.

If you can’t do it yourself, please share your script so that we can help.



But ordinary javascript functions will still work?

I has some XMLHttpRequest functions sending POST data , triggered by a button click in my code, it´s not working in version 7? Should it work?



Yes, ordinary JavaScript functions should still work.
Your code use XMLHttpRequest so it may be related to cross origin settings: