Cursor image (displayed light contour of square after exporting to HTML5)

Instead of none cursor image is displayed light contour of square in Active Presenter 7.2.2 after exporting project to HTML5.

Before I used it in version 6.1.2 and it was OK.
After upgrading to version 7.2.2 I see this square instead of “none” cursor image.

I used Cursor Image: None in case, that I need no cursor path, but only click e.g. on concrete button.

In this case I’ve set start position of cursor: None and end position of cursor concrete cursor image (hand or other cursor image)


Thank you for explanation, if is it bug.


It’s a bug on several browsers such as Chrome (it works fine on Firefox, MS Edge). We’ll fix it in the next update.
In the meantime, you can use a transparent image for the cursor to overcome this issue.


OK, thank you for your quick response.

We’ve just released the update to fix this issue, please update to version 7.2.3.


Thank you for your incredibly fast repair!

I’ve installed new version 7.2.3 and bug was removed.