Creating Straight Cursor path

I am considering switching to Activepresenter from camtasia due to the straight cursor path feature. However, I’m still not sure how it works.

I am looking to create tutorials for a software and I would like to create one of those slick videos where the mouse is always on a straight path from point A to point B.

Can any one guide me on how to do that ? From the help menu, it looks like you can only do one cursor per slide. Do I need to cut my demos in hundreds of slides ?

Any help would be appreciated.


This feature (Simplified straight and/or Simplified curved cursor path) only works when you record software simulation (slide-based) and it primarily used in slide-based presentations.
It isn’t available when recording full motion video.

You should try it yourself to see if it works the way you want or not.
To try, click Record Software Simulation then go to Recording Settings > Cursor options (before starting recording) and select Simplified - Straight or Simplified - Curved for mouse cursor path.