Creating different feedback and points for first and second attempt

Problem: How to problem: I would like to set up 2 attempts at a question with the following characteristics

  1. If correct on first attempt, full points (say, 2 points)
  2. If incorrect on first attempt show hint (incorrect msg 1) and redisplay for second attempt
  3. If correct on second attempt, award half points
  4. If incorrect on second attempt, show answer (incorrect msg 2) and move to next slide
    I understand how to set up a single “incorrect” message, but not a separate one for the second incorrect attempt. I kow how to set for two attempts. I know how to create the messages in the feedback master and call them.
    I do not know how to get different messages for each attempt or how to reduce the points if correct the second attempt.

ActivePresenter version: 8.5.7

OS: Windows 11


Hi Roger,

For your questions, we suggest you do as follows:

  1. How to get different messages for each attempt:
  • Create an Incorrect feedback layer for each question.

  • Add the correct answer to the feedback message.

  • Rename the Incorrect layer, for example, Answer “a” in our sample project.

  • Add conditions to the On Incorrect event of the question as shown below:

Therefore, when users answer incorrectly in the last attempt, the feedback message shows the correct answer and directs users to the next slide.

  1. How to reduce the points if the second attempt is correct.

To achieve it, you should add an adjust variable to the On Correct event of the question. To do that:

  • Create a Number variable (Home tab > Variables) as shown in the picture:

  • Add the Adjust Variable action and condition to it in the On Correct event.

Kindly take a look at the attached sample to see if it meets your needs.
sample.approj (508 KB)

If you have any further questions, please let me know.

Best Regards,

Thank you so much. Your support is second to none!

In looking over your solution, it makes total sense, except I haven’t figured out how to pass the value of the variable points to the apQuizScore. The latter isn’t available from the drop-down in the Adjust Variable interface so I’m assuming it cannot be adjusted. So how can I get the apQuizScore in the report slide to reflect the point value of the variable points?
I know I can just set the field to %points% in the report slide, but that may open a whole new can of worms in scorm reporting if I add that later. It also means changing a lot of other variables in the report slide.

Hi again,

Can you please let me know if you only need the apQuizScore in the report slide to reflect the point value of the variable points?
Is it necessary to show the score of each question in the detailed report?
In the latter case, we can’t guarantee if the app can support.

Looking forward to your response.


No I don’t need each questionscore, just the apQuizScore. I’m just trying to get te overall score in the report slide to match the Points from the solution you gave. Although I haven’t yet studied how to integrate the scores with an LMS, I’m thinking this might be necessary to pass the score to the LMS if needed.

Hi Roger,

Thank you for your response.

We suggest you make use of apScoreSubtract which is available in the app.
First of all, please update the latest version of ActivePresenter here:
Then, set the events - actions to each question as in this sample.
apScoreSubtract.approj (552 KB)
Hope it meets your needs.

Should you have any questions , feel free to contact us.

Best Regards,

Thank you. That makes sense. I saw that variable in my version but wasn’t sure how to use it. There was no mention of it in the documentation for that version. I will upgrade and use i. This looks great.

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