Creating course outline

Is there a way to create or import a course outline into AP?

I would like to create a course / class with all the weekly sections.

Hey Samuel,

Perhaps I misunderstand the question - but my first reaction is to say that AP is perhaps better thought of as a content authoring tool rather than a course builder or organization and delivery tool.

I think of things in terms of an organizational chart.
Objectives/Lessons → Topic/Module → Subject/Course → Program

Where a program is made up of several subjects, which in turn are made up of several topics, which are further broken up into several objectives. All this stuff is often organized in a way that makes sense for delivery through an LMS. AP is not an LMS.

Certainly, there are other ways of referring to these things - and lots of ways/preferences of organizing them as well.

ActivePresenter will help you to author the content itself. Personally - I prefer to build smaller projects/lessons that are later organized/compiled to an LMS into several modules/topics to create a course. I prefer this because it keeps the projects small and easier to update later without affecting larger files. This could theoretically be done with a single project with all the material in one project but I would still suggest that this is more of the function of the LMS to deliver the course and track the student progress across multiple pieces of content.

All that aside - You mention that you want to import an outline for a class that includes weekly sections. This has me thinking in terms of the LMS where the course would be delivered. It would be there that I include an outline/syllabus - perhaps as a separate download.

While I suppose you could create an entire course in one project and use the Table of Contents as a sort of outline they could skip to… I probably wouldn’t recommend that myself. I don’t think there is a way to do exactly what I think you are asking.

Again - perhaps I misunderstand what the endgame is but those are some of my initial thoughts.

Alternatively - are you perhaps asking about ActivePresenter Online?
This is a MOODLE instance (LMS)…



Thanks for your thoughts.

I believe you are right. I’m maybe trying to turn AP into an LMS.

Not only that, but I will have to rethink the process of LMS and then using AP.

Thanks for the help;