Creating a text input box

How can you create a text input box and access the value?


You can insert a Rectangle Div element, double-click to edit its text, select Edit InnerHTML in the floating text editing toolbar, and paste the following HTML script into the Edit InnerHTML window:

<input id="inputId" style="width: 100%; height: 100%;" type="text">


You can edit the sample script to change the text input id and style as desired.
To get the text input value, please use Run JavaScript action with the code below:



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Perfect! Thank you for the clear explanation.

Version: 2.6.0, Windows 8.1 64bit, Trial Version

By accident I disabled(hide) the ‘Floating Text FormatToolbar’ by clicking on the most left icon/button. The User Manual v2.0 pages 9, 30, 48, 91, 138, 139, 159, and 161 does not provide sufficient information to assign a shortcut key or where to enable the toolbar again. It seems the ‘Properties - General - Text’ panel is missing some of the buttons from the floating toolbar.

The only workaround so far it seems is to

  1. close Saola Animate,
  2. start it again,
  3. open the project,
  4. and then it will be showing again.

Do you perhaps know of a faster and less distracting way to show the floating toolbar again?


Hi Nicolaas,

You can show the floating toolbar again by right-clicking the editing text and select Floating Text Format Toolbar in the popup menu.
We’ll update the manual in the next release.


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