Creating a poll

is it possible with Active Presenter to create a poll that collects the preferences of all users?
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Yes, Betty, it is possible to create a poll since ActivePresenter provides the Survey mode for questions (Question Mode). This mode allows you to collect learners’ information, feedback, etc.

Then, you can track report through LMS or use HTTP Report to send the report data to a Google Sheets document or to your email (How to Send Quiz Report to Google Sheets or to an Email Box - Atomi Systems, Inc.)

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Thank you so much for the quick response!
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Excuse me PhuongThuy,
the tutorial explains how to send the quiz report to Google Sheets or a mailbox, but if I want to send to my web server how should I do it?
Thank you very much!

You should write scripts on your server to receive and handle the report, @Betty.
In our User Manual, there are formatting instructions with simple sample scripts for your reference.
Please refer to the User Manual > Transmission of Report section (page 362) for details.


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