Create a Scorm file with a video and chapters

Hello, I have a mp4 video with some chapters in it. I would like to add a TOC to these chapters. A quiz should then follow. How do I create markers in the video to generate the TOC? The final format is a Scorm file.

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Hi Oliver,

The simplest way to achieve that is by splitting your video into multiple parts, each part is on a separate slide (using Split Slide). After that, perform the following steps:

  • Add the question to the chapter on which it displays by changing the slide layout (Home tab > Layout > Question) and selecting a question you want.

  • Select the answer area of the question, in the Properties pane > Interactivity tab > make sure that the โ€œPause presentation to wait for user input โ€ checkbox is selected. And, remember to deselect the โ€œJust before hiding object โ€ checkbox. This action will help to pause the video when learners are interacting with the question.

  • Edit the video duration in each question slide just by dragging the stripe in the Timeline pane and add Entrance Effect to these objects if you want (Animations tab > Entrance Effects > Fade In):

  • Add the Continue Presentation and Hide Feedback Layer actions to the On Click event of the Continue button of the Correct and Incorrect Feedback Layer (View tab > Feedback Master)

  • If you want the TOC to show up in the output, you can set the Side Bar position in the Player Settings window (Export tab > Player Settings)

  • Change the name of these slides in the Table of Contents section:

    For more details, you can take a look at this sample: video - Google Drive


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Hello Hang,

great support, as always from the Atomi Team. :+1: Iยดll try it so.
The request can be closed . :rofl:

Thanks a lot and a great day :hugs:

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