Could not open a file approj

Problem: Could not open a file

ActivePresenter version: Active Presenter 8

OS: Windowa 10

I made a Record Video of a presentation, then saved it and move it from the “ActivePresentet Templates” to “Desk” and now i can´t open the file.

I can´t upload the file

Hi Matias,

ActivePresenter stores large audio/video resources of a project in an external data folder named PROJECT_FILE_files.
When copying, moving, or renaming a project file, please make sure to copy, move, or rename its data folder (if any) accordingly.

Please be noted that the project name and its external file name must be the same; and they must be in one location, also.
So, in this case, you just need to move the file back to the original location to open the project.

Kind regards,