Corrupted file after program crash

Hello, a little disaster just happened to me. After I clicked the “shrink object” option in the menu, the program crashed and now my file is corrupted. It refuses to open again. Is there a possibility of recovering it? Otherwise, I lose weeks of work.
I have sent the file itself and the folder with associated files to (wetransfer link because the file is quite large), perhaps that helps to see what is wrong.
I really hope it can be saved! Thank you for your help.

ActivePresenter version: Version 9.1.3 - 64-bit build. (Released: 2023.10.31)
OS: Windows 10 Enterprise 22H2

Hi @TessaE,

I’ve responded to you via email, please check.


i am facing the issue that my video is suddenly stopped

Hi @Farhan_Khan,

If you are facing the program crashing issue, like the one above from TessaE, it’s likely due to directly editing projects on the network drive. To avoid this, we recommend downloading projects to your computer before opening or editing them.

If that’s not your case, please share the log of ActivePresenter so that we can investigate further. To view the log, go to ActivePresenter > Preferences > Miscellaneous, then select View Log. You can email the log file to us at

Additionally, if you encounter a crash report, please provide detailed steps that lead to the crash and fill in your email so that we can recognize that the report is from you.

Best regards,