Corner radius for buttons

Why isn’t this a feature yet? I have a lot of buttons on a page and I want to change corner radius of them, what would be the quickest way to do it? And are you planning on adding this feature later on? I’d really appreciate it :slight_smile:

Hi again Aytug,

For your information, you can currently achieve this request by 2 ways:

  • With the buttons on the same page, select all the buttons you want to change the corner radius (by clicking on the canvas, dragging the click and dropping it; or hold Ctrl then click all the buttons), then adjust the yellow points to change all at the same time.

  • The other way is to change at the Object Settings in the View tab. The changes you make here will be applied to all the buttons that are added afterwards.

Regarding your suggestion, we have noted it down in our to-do list and hopefully it will be added soon in the future.

Quynh Anh

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Thank you so much, I didn’t know this :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: