Copying and pasting timelines

I need a lot of timelines acting like popups. Some of them are already done and I would like now to be able to copy and paste them to accelerate the administration processes of the application I am creating.

Hi Hector,

There’s no option to copy a timeline in the current version (2.5), but any item in a timeline can be copied/pasted, including animations, timeline triggers and timeline labels.

To select multiple items to copy at once, you can use Ctrl+Click, or rubber-band selection (click on a empty area and drag the mouse, all items that stay in or intersect with the selection rectangle will be selected). When pasting on another timeline, please select target elements first.

You can also copy and paste elements along with their animations in the current timeline by using Paste with Animation command in Canvas right-click menu.

In case you want to reuse entire your popup layer without modifying, you can convert it to a symbol.

That said, we’ll consider supporting timeline copying/pasting in future releases.