Copying Advanced Actions and Variables to another project

Problem: I developed a set of questions in one project and attempted to move them to another project. However the variables and Advanced Actions do not copy with them. Is there a way to export/import or copy/paste Variables and Advanced Actions from one project to another?

ActivePresenter version: 8.5.8

OS: Windows 11


Hi Roger,

Currently, there is no possible way for you to do that in ActivePresenter.
However, we have acknowledged this request and included it in our to-do task for the future versions.
Therefore, please rest assured that you will soon see this feature in ActivePresenter.

Thank you for your request.

Warm regards,
Quynh Anh

Thank you. I found a workaround in this particular case - I simply moved the non-question slides (that didn’t rely on the variables and Advanced Actions) into the project that had the questions.

It worked in this case but the feature is still needed for other cases where there may be different variables in both projects have different variablesand Aadvanced Actions - so don’t take it off of the table of needed features : )

Hi again Roger,

It’s great that you have found a workaround in your case.
Please don’t worry as I mentioned before, this is one of our to-do tasks for future versions.

We do not have exact time for it yet, but you can stay updated on our Blog, YouTube and #announcements channel of this community so as not to miss important news.

Quynh Anh

Looking forward to this feature. It will definitely be helpful.