Copy/paste styles

Hi, I’m trying to find a way to copy/paste styles. Is this possible?

It would be useful in many situations. I’m currently drawing by using multiple freeforms, and every time i make a new one, the stroke is reset to 1px light blue instead of the one i last used and want to continue using.

Apart from an option to copy/paste styles it would be great if new objects could use the last used style automatically, instead of the default preset, which would rarely be the one you want.

I’m sorry if i’m misunderstanding something, i’m new to Saola Animate, and i’d love if someone could teach me an easy workaround of this. Otherwise this is a feature request:)


Thanks for your suggestion.
We will consider adding the feature to our TODO list and try to support it in the future.


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Thank you, i appreciate it!

Best regards