Copy course and save as new course

I wish to copy an existing course in ActivePresenter Online and save it as a new course. Is there a way to do this? I teach three sections of the same course. We meet on different dates and times so I want to set different due dates for the many assignments.
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In ActivePresenter Online, you can duplicate a SCORM file in a course and set up different available dates.
Please take a look at my illustration video below. Hope that it helps you.

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Thank you for this clear and informative reply. If I have three classes, that is three separate groups of students, how do I set it so each class only sees their specific assignments and due dates? And then I want to see only one class of students’ grades at a time.

It seems to me that I would want different courses, but perhaps there is a more efficient way to do this within one course. By “course,” I mean the entire collection of SCORM packages, perhaps 20 or 30 or even more. I would be setting up three courses for a total of five classes, as one of the courses has three “sections” or “groups of students.”

You can create group of students by clicking the Options button (Gear icon) at the bottom left corner of your course > More… > Users tab > Groups.
Then, you edit your SCORM package and adjust the access restrictions.
Kindly read the article for more information: Restrict access settings - MoodleDocs

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The article was very helpful, thanks.

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