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Convert HTML5 Animation to Video

(Dan Le) #1

Sometimes you will need to convert your HTML5 animations created with Saola Animate to videos.
We have added this feature to our TODO list.
If you also want this functionality then you can like or comment so that we can prioritize tasks.

Supported video formats: MP4 or WebM.

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This would be super helpful unless theres an alternate way of combining saola animate with active presenter other than just screen capturing the saola animate inside a web browser?

(Dan Le) #3

Yes, currently you can already host HTML5 animation elsewhere and embed it in ActivePresenter slide as Web Object.
In the future, we’ll consider to allow embedding local HTML5 animations directly.


(Ulrika Garner) #4

This would really be great, especially together with the new features in Active Presenter 7! I’m looking forward to all these new opportunities.


In my opinion is an Video Export, maybe based on FFmpeg, a must have.
That would significantly increase the flexibility of Saola animate and in addition, not everyone has the ActivePresenter.

( #6

From several years I am being an active and enthusiastic user of Activepresenter. Today I just opened Saola for the first time. In a few minutes I have started to use some functions and I can get an idea of ​​how others work. In my opinion Saola has the same style as Active Presenter, that is to say, they are applications with which you can concentrate on what you are producing with them, because its creators already take care of its functionality and usability.

After this first impression, I have come to this community of users with an idea in the head, being sure that I am not going to be the first to talk about it.

Reading this thread I see that it has been so.

Indeed, the quality content that can be produced with Saola, deserve to be obtained natively in video format. At the moment this format (video) offers very great possibilities of making certain messages viral.

So, yes, I also vote for Saola soon to be able to produce videos too.

Everything said is compatible with the fact that HTML5 format IMO is about to become the “PDF” equivalent for hypermedia content. So I think that Saola with these two possible outputs (HTML5 and Video) is going to have a great present and future.

(muku) #7

I hope there is some progress with this feature. It would be useful for my work and I think many others.

This feature - video along with gif export, would be useful when you want to share content with your client, making content available for offline use, and to showcase demos to different audiences and in kiosks. This also adds benefit of using one tool and same content to create working content and demos for presentations, portfolio, sharing via social media, etc.