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Continuous AUDIO over scenes

(Steffen Ongah) #1

Hi, I can’t seem to figure out how to play the SAME AUDIO (1 audio) over multiple scenes.
How do we do that?


(Toan Le) #2


Current version of Saola Animate doesn’t support it directly from the UI. We’ll consider implement it in future releases.
In the mean time, please take the following steps to play an audio over multiple scenes:

  1. Import the audio file (e.g. song.mp3) into Resource pane.
  2. Play the audio by using JavaScript code below (you can add this script to any event to execute it):
	if (!doc.myAudio) {
	    // replace song.mp3 by the audio resource name
	    doc.myAudio = new Audio('resources/song.mp3');
	doc.myAudio.loop = true; // remove this line if don't want to loop;

Please note that this method only works when exporting to HTML5, doesn’t work when preview (because the url to the resource is differerent).


(Giorgos Chronopoulos) #3

How can I use the same function to later stop the track playing?


(Toan Le) #4


To stop the track playing, please use the following code:

if (doc.myAudio)