Continuation of crashes

Had to start new thread because reached max replies! Screen resolution the same as the project and there are no video or images. Actually not sure what you mean by images-we have no external images. It’s whatever is recorded. Again, we all do the same thing from the same system. I have been using AP for over 2 months, these crashes only started with v8.

Can you please help us to check with this temporary version:


Do you mean you would like me to use the version you have supplied? Do I deactivate the one I have?

No, you don’t need to deactivate. This is a temporary version we build to analyze for the bug so it should be used for test purpose only. If it works well for your case, we will release an update to fix the problem.

ok. I will try it for the rest of today. See what happens.

Hi Mintoffee,

Do you have any update on this please?


Not able to download the version because I am not in a company office and need admin rights to download. I would be able to update though. Therefore if you bring out version 8.0.3, I should be able to update.
I am fairly certain that the crashes are happening more frequently when exporting HTML5 or using preview HTML5. Yesterday I had a few crashes and sent the reports. please advise.

Crashed and no error report to fill in. Only have been editing. Tutorial not opened today.