Consistent mouse movement through the whole project

Problem: I would like to set a “consistent” cursor path speed for all cursor paths in my project.

I am currently using a fixed speed of 350 set for the cursor path on my first slide and applying it to the rest of the project via the ActivePresenter → Project → Batch Operation → Insert Objects…

This approach does exactly what expected - sets a fixed speed of 350 to all cursor paths.
But the mouse movement feels ok only on the “medium sized” paths. On really short paths (1cm of your screen) the cursor moves too fast so the viewer is unable to catch what actually happened in the video. On the long paths(across the screen) it feels like eternity for the mouse to cross the distance - so the viewer is getting bored.

From the cursor path behavior I suspect that the mouse has by default acceleration(beginning of the path) and slow down(end of the path) set for a certain % of the whole path - which actually cause a part of the issue.

Is there way to set up the cursor path/ the mouse in a way which addresses these issues?

Would it be possible to make the movement dynamic? Slow for the short distance and fast for the long distance?

My goal is to insert consistent(watchable/useful) mouse movement to the whole project with the least amount of effort. I with my current approach I have to manually edit all short and long mouse paths which tends to be both focus and time demanding in larger projects.

ActivePresenter version: 8.5.4

OS: Win 10

Hi there,

Thanks for your detailed feedback about the issue with cursor path movement.

However, I’m sorry there’s currently no solution to this issue.
The only workaround you can consider is not to use the fixed speed but to set the fixed moving duration for a cursor path first, then use Batch Operations to apply for the others.

  • To do that, first, custom a cursor path duration as you want.
  • Then, right-click the cursor image on the Canvas, select Set as Default Cursor Path.
  • Next, click the ActivePresenter button > Project > Batch Operations > Insert Objects…
  • Set the Object Type option to Cursor Path and select the slides you want to apply.

Though I understand this hasn’t fitted your wish to create a project with the least amount of effort, we have higher prioritized tasks to deal with at the moment.

Hope you can sympathize.

Thank you and kind regards,
Quynh Anh