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Problem: Slide completions are not being reported to the LMS to register course completion

ActivePresenter Version: 7.5.9

OS: Windows 10

Testing is being done on SCORM Cloud. 24 slides, telling it to record completion if 24 slides viewed. Doesn’t report to the LMS. Followed your user guide.


Please make sure that the presentation is not paused at the last slide:

  1. Auto-Advance property of the last slide is selected.
  2. There’s no interaction on the last slide with “Pause presentation to wait for user input” option selected.



we have the same problem here on a Mac.

Is there a way to send you the exported scorm to test what we have done wrong inside?
No Quiz, No Question inside.

At the and of the course the LMS will not trigger this as “done”.
This course stays on the training plan as not finished.

ActivePresenter Pro Edition
Version 8.5.6 - 64-bit build. (Released: 2022.04.12)

Hi Andreas,

Did you check that the presentation is not paused at the last slide?
A slide without any question can be paused if its “Auto-Advance” property is not checked.
You can see an orange vertical slash in the timeline to denote that as in the screenshot below:


If it’s not the case, please send your project file (.approj file, not SCORM output) to so that we can check. If the project file is large, you can upload it to a cloud storage service like Google Drive and share the link.


Thanx, I will check this today.

“Auto-Advanced” is checked.

Hi Andreas,

I’ve checked your project and see that you exported to SCORM 1.2 format.
Is it right?

SCORM 1.2 has only one variable lesson_status for both completion and success status.
This variable can have one of the following values: incomplete, completed, passed, failed, browsed, not attempted.
ActivePresenter will use incomplete/completed values for Demonstration mode. In other modes (Tutorial, Practice, Test), the variable value will be set to passed or failed when the user completes the scorm.

Maybe your LMS doesn’t consider passed and failed value as completed so you see the completion status is incomplete. For example, when the user completes a SCORM 1.2 package, SCORM Cloud displays Success status correctly, but Completion status as incomplete:


Thanx a lot for your feedback. :wink:

I will talk to our LMS-Admin

And by the way… we love ActivePresenter. :wink:

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