Combine Photo + SoundRecording with Realworld Timeline

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When we go out for training, we usually use our mobile phones to record the content of presentations. There are two forms: recording video, and taking photos + recording.

  1. Recording video takes up more space and consumes more power, and it’s also a bit blurry. However, watching and hanging subtitles are very intuitive, and PotPlayer can also quickly locate a particular sentence to focus on through the subtitle browser.
    2, if you take photos + recordings, the images will be clearer and take up less space, but later if you want to integrate them together, it will be very troublesome, and at present, I have not found a very suitable tool for quick processing.

As a matter of fact, each photo will have the actual time when it was taken, and each recording of a lesson will also have information such as the actual end time of the recording and its duration. Based on this information, it is theoretically enough to automate the quick assembly.

I wonder if ActivePresenter can provide this feature of batch importing the photos + recordings according to the real-world timeline?

Ideally, after importing they should be in the same ActivePresenter slide for drag-and-drop fine-tuning (since there may be a delay of 1-5 seconds or so from the time the teacher switches presentations to the time the student takes a photo).
If possible, it would be nice to be able to see the text in the captions in real time when fine-tuning (currently when editing, the captions don’t show the caption text directly on either the slide or the timeline), and to be able to provide a PotPlayer-like caption browser when previewing and playing.

Thank you!


ActivePresenter allows you to import images and audio recordings into a project as long as they are in supported file formats.

To add these files, simply drag and drop them from your computer onto ActivePresenter’s canvas or Resources pane (View tab > Resources). Alternatively, you can access the Insert tab to add existing audio/image files.
Once imported, you can reposition the files and add text captions, annotations, subtitles, and more on one or multiple slides, as you prefer.

Note that the output will be a seamless video or HTML5 content that plays from beginning to end, so it doesn’t matter if you divide the project into one or multiple slides. Dividing the project into multiple slides not only helps you easily control the project but also simplifies editing.

Hope this helps!

Thank you for your reply! I mean just select images & audios, I hope AP can parse the time info and put them into correct positon in 1 click.

Thanks for your response.
That’s not possible in ActivePresenter, unfortunately.