Closed Caption button has no effect in html5 export

Problem: Closed captions not displaying in html5 export.

ActivePresenter version: 9.1.3

OS: Mac Ventura 13.6.1

Notes: I think that I have encountered a bug where captions need to be reinitialized within the project to display. They display as they should within the authoring tool, but do not on the html5 export and the cc button within the player has no effect. Please advise.

On all tracks they are enabled and checked to display. There are no object or project interactivity variables implemented that are related.

I figured this out. I was able to fix by copying/pasting my slides to a new project, so this issue is resolved. I hope this was able to help someone else.

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Glad to hear it’s been resolved, Brandon.

Please feel free to open another topic on our Community here should you encounter any other issues or have any questions.

Quynh Anh