Clipboard features

Hello, I love the additions you made in version 9!

I thought other users might also find these new image clipboard additions useful:

  1. Copy the currently visible slide as an image to the clipboard, whether as the slide is seen when nothing is selected (not including annotations like pan&zoom outlines), or as the slide is seen while paused in play mode
  2. Replace the currently selected image in a slide (Size & Properties > Image > Source) not just “From Project…” and “From File…”, but also “From Clipboard”. It seems this way if you use an image throughout your slides, and then you fix or update that image, you could simultaneously change it in all slides at once.


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Hi Charles,

Thank you for your nice words.
Glad to know that ActivePresenter 9 enhancements satisfy users.
Regarding your feature request, we’ll take it into consideration if there are more requests from others.

Best regards,