Clearing Incorrect User Input for Drag and Drop?

Hello all;

I have a quick question regarding about the drag-n-drop question setup:

I have a slide where users have to label different parts of an image, with 8 drag sources in total, one for each of 8 drop targets. I have the question set up with infinite tries and on the feedback layer for ‘try again’ I have clear user input.

Is it possible to make it so when the user clicks Submit, is wrong, and clicks try again, the drops that are correct are NOT reset? In other words, is it possible for the user to only have to work with the incorrect answers on subsequent attempts?

I’ve looked for an option for this but can’t seem to see an obvious (to me) solution. Any ideas out there?



Hi again, @samamara,

Another idea came to mind for using the Drag-n-Drop question’s available functions: setting the drop target to only accept the correct answer, preventing users from dropping incorrect ones into it. Since this function comes with default options, it seems like the simplest solution.

However, if you prefer to let users try again with incorrect answers and keep the correct ones, you may need to delve into JavaScript code. If you find yourself unable to manage it on your own, feel free to email us your project at for further assistance.

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Hi again too @Hang :slight_smile: - thank you so much for your reply and for sharing your idea.

That is what I ended up doing, making it so the drop would only accept the correct answer. The only issue with this is I’m afraid users may just drag and drag without thinking carefully based on what they got wrong.

I would love the support of your team since I"m very sure I won’t be able to do the coding myself :frowning: I will send the project.

Thanks so much!

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