Changing extension .html to .aspx automatically

We are currently uploading the HTML5 output generated from approj file on SharePoint. SharePoint cannot play .html files online but asks to download it. We want it to play online within company right now.

Is it possible to change the extension of demo.html or tutorial.html automatically at the time of output generation or after the output generation? Any JavaScript or some feature available? Thanks!

ActivePresenter version: 8.4 on Win10

Hi Shri,

You can type the following command in the Windows Command Prompt (or create .bat file) to rename all the html files in the current folder and its sub-folders.
forfiles /S /M *.html /C "cmd /c rename @file @fname.aspx"

Note that this way is useful only when you don’t select the Generate Index Page checkbox in HTML5. Otherwise, the index page will not work.


Thanks a lot. This solutions looks useful.