Change Teacher's Voice and Image


Please choose an appropriate sub-category to post your question I would like to know if it is possible to change the voice and image of a course instructor.

Ex. When creating the video lesson, the image of the male teacher remains, narrating and explaining the content. Can I replace the voice and put a female voice? Can I change the teacher’s image and add an avatar/animation?

How can I do this?



For your information, ActivePresenter hasn’t supported creating AI videos/images with teacher narrating.
But, if you have teacher images/videos and voice, you can import them into ActivePresenter.

To replace the voice, just select the audio object in the Timeline pane > navigate to the Properties pane > Media tab > Audio section > select another audio file. Or, refer to other ways in this tutorial: How to Insert Audio Tracks into ActivePresenter 9

To change the teacher’s image, you can do the same steps as above (Properties pane > Size & Properties tab > Image section). Or delete the old image and add the new one. See details here: How to Add Image Objects in ActivePresenter 9

ActivePresenter also allows users to set up teacher’s image/video for the course. Kindly watch this quick video for more information:

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Thanks, this was very important to me.

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