Change PDF name


Is there any way I can change the name of a PDF so when someone downloads it it’s gonna have the name I want instead of the URL one?


I’m not sure if I understand your question correctly but you can take a look at this video:

The names of the resources that can be downloaded is actually the names of the resources you upload to the project.

If it’s not your case, it would be helpful if you can share with us a screenshot of the issue so that we can check.



Sorry for my vague explanation.

We need to consume resources offline. That’s why in the project we have used the interactivity of opening the web side and in it we have located the local path of the pdf in the project.
To locate the path initially, the pdf has been linked as a hyperlink and in that way we have obtained its location in the project.

The problem is when we download it it has the name of the URL and not the name of the PDF.

Is there any way to change that?



Could you please send the project having the issue so that we can check?
You can drop your file here or send it to
We just need the slide with the issue, so you can remove other irrelevant slides before sending the project.