Change object state if a certain condition is given


I would like to realise the following function:
I have an object with 3 object states.
Now, I would like to have a button that changes the object state depending on which object state is active every time I click.

This works with two conditions, but as soon as I add the third condition it does not work anymore.

It would be great, if someone had an idea how to solve that.


ActivePresenter version: 8.3.2

OS: Win10


Hi Augustin,

The actions are executed consecutively right after the object is clicked without being blocked.

To overcome this problem, you need to create a number of variables (Home tab > Variables > Add a number of variables). After that, in the On Click event of the object, add actions with conditions as the image below:


For more details, please take a look at the attached file: change_object_state.approj (220 KB)



and thank you very much for the solution and the attached file. This works perfectly!

Because that works so well, I came up with the idea to realise a slideshow, basically, on a single slide.
I created a button to click ‘left’ and a button to click ‘right’, and one object with 5 object states. Each button works on its own. Yet, when I, for example, click on the left button first and then on the right one, the ‘programming’ of the right button does not know which object state is active, and does not work, consequently. It is a little complicated to explain. Can I attach a sample file?
Maybe my idea needs a complete different approach to realise it.



I think you had a nice idea.
Base on your idea, I’ve made a sample. You can download and see if it helps object_state.approj (2.9 MB). If it’s not what you mean, please attach your sample here or send us via email
We’ll take a look at and get back to you soon.


Hi Phuong,
(or is it Hoa?)

thank you so much for your immediate help and efforts!!! :smiley:
Your solution is just great!

Based on that, I was even able to adapt it a little, so that the right button now has the function ‘next’, and the left button has the function ‘previous’.

I am really happy.
And, I cannot say it often enough: Thank you very much!

Have a nice weekend.

Augustinobject_state.approj (2.9 MB)


Thanks for letting us know.
I’m glad to hear that it works, Augustin.

Have a good time,