Change object order with javascript?

Is it possible to “Bring an object to front” with javascript or any other dynamic way?


You can add the following script to On Load event of the slide to bring an object to the front.

// bring to front
prez.object('object name') = 1000;


This doesnt seem to work when put in a master slide.
Placeholder content still sits higher in zorder.

eg. I have a hidden box that shows when pressing a button with the z-order javascript setting it to 1000 in the master template. On my main slide i have a text box, this text boxwill sit over the top of the hidden box no matter what i set the z-score too in the master.

Please make sure the your hidden box has an unique name within the master layour and the normal slide that uses the layout. In addition, the changing z-index action must come before the Show Object Blocking action.


How can i tell if the hidden box has a unique name in the normal side, it doesnt show the objects brought from the master?
I’ve also noticed that hidden slides in the master appear in the normal slide, even if they are both hidden and set as “initially hidden”. Although they correctly dont show on preview.
I will email you my sample to show the z-layer issue now.

Just give it a name instead of using the default name.
I’ve received your project but I don’t see any issue with the z-index.


It works for the thumbs up green box, but fails for the question mark orange box

I found that you type the incorrect object name in your script so the issue.
I’ve replied to your email with the detail.