Change drop box image to text

Problem: Change from image to text

Is it possible, in modifying a drag and drop activity I already created, to change images into text. I saved an activity which had text in the drag boxes and images in the drop boxes. I’d like to replace the images with text.

I realize that one option would be to create a fill in the blank(s) activity but what I’d like to do is add text captions with blanks. With the drag and drop activity, I would have drag boxes with words and invisible (opaque) drop boxes positioned on the text caption blanks. This would be more interesting than just typing into blanks in a fill in the blank activity.

I think I could do this with a new drag and drop activity without a problem, but just want to know if it’s possible to modifity the image boxes in an activity I already created.

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Hi Lawrence,

For your information, we currently don’t support changing image to text.
The option of creating a new one as you mentioned is the most possible and time-saving.
We will consider this feature if there are more requests from users in the future.

Thank you and have a nice day!
Quynh Anh