Chances of Master Pages

I’m currently trying AP and find the master pages fantastic. Are we likely to see this feature added to Saola Animate?


Can you please let me know what you expect from this feature in Saola Animate?

Saola Animate is designed mainly for creating animated contents on the web, so I think a feature like the master page in AP is not suitable for it, at least for the foreseeable future.
However, we’ll improve Saola Animate in a way that creating and reusing the contents becomes more and more convenient, such as improving the symbol feature, supporting something like element templates…



Most companies that we create content for use the same layout / style for each project. Additionally, each project would be made of multiple pages that have consistent elements - even if these are simple ones such as the page colour and the navigation structure.

The projects aren’t the type you’d develop in AP but fit more with the interactive content you have in the samples gallery of SA - such as the Finding Fruits game.

When you’re having to make project wide changes for a client, even on a small project - adjusting something like the position of the next / previous buttons needs to simple and practical. Trying this on the Finding Fruits game and you’d have to edit every page manually.

The master pages you have in AP would make such changes a breeze and saving the custom master pages with a template would allow for easy consistent project develop for clients.