CC text to speech parameters greyed out

Hi, I try to set up cc text to speech. Whatever I do, some of the parameters are still greyed out, and I can not play. And, when I am able to adjust, the conversion does not carry he cc-s to html5 video. No cc, no voice.

So these are two issues…

Hi Istvan,

It seems that the CC parameters in the Properties pane are grey out because you are selecting all the CC objects. Just select a CC object and specify the voice, speed, and volume for the CC line.

After adjusting each CC object, in the timeline, right-click a CC object> Convert Closed Caption to Audio. This converts all CC objects into speech.

In addition, when exporting to video, in the Export to Video dialog, remember to select the Export Audio and Export Closed Captions as Hard Subtitles check box as the screenshot below:


Thanks, this helped a lot. Now cc is turned into voice nicely, I could even change voices. But whatever I did, did not help to convey cc text into the video, only the voice. I used hard and soft coding as well. What could be the issue? It is not that important, but your video setup screen is different then mine, is this a version issue? I am using a paid version 7. thanks


Please send your screenshot for that difference and your project with the issue to our email so that we can check.



To make hard closed captions appears in output video, you must set them show in Demonstration mode.
Just select a closed caption node, and change Show in Mode in Properties pane:


(I captured this screenshot on Windows, so it may be different from yours on macOS)

Besides, you set Video Size to 98% when exporting, it may reduce the video quality. Please change it to 100%.