CC captions to display when user click

Please support If the following is possible. Later I want to export to SCORM mode.

  1. How to show the closed caption only when the user clicks on one button (first picture) and read it, followed by next button (second picture).

  2. How to make the first button (picture) is active while remaining 8 buttons becomes inactive, followed by second button is active while remaining 7 buttons (pictures) becomes inactive and so on until complete clicking all buttons (pictures).

  3. I want to show the move forward icon to next slide, only after user completes clicking all the button (all pictures) and listen to it, how to do this process.

Hi Saravanan,

Here are our instructions on how to achieve your desires:

  1. ActivePresenter has a variable called apCCVisible for you to show/hide CC for the entire project. However, in this case, you would like to show CC for a single image on a slide. Adjusting this variable leads to mismatched CC timing.

    Therefore, we suggest using Shapes/Text Caption instead of CC so that you can use the show/hide object action. The steps are briefly written as follows:

Step 1:
Add images and their disabled states by using the Object States feature. You need to prepare a picture to illustrate the disabled state of each image.

Then, set these disabled states as default states.

Step 2: Hide the CC (shapes in this examples) by right-clicking the shape and selecting Initially Hidden.

Step 3:
Add a button (“Got It” in this example) to go to the next slide. Set this button to Initially Hidden as well.
Step 4:
Add True/False variables and events-actions for each image. The Adjust Variable action is for changing the default value of the true/false variable from False to True. When the three conditions are met (i.e., all three images are clicked), the “Got It” button will show up for learners to click and move to the next slide. Then, add other actions such as show object, change object state, and play audio.

Please refer to the sample project below for more details.

Best regards,
show objects.approj (652 KB)

Hi Hang

Thank you for the feedback.
It was really helpful.

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