CC captions at same area and delay shown


Thank you for your guidance for the previous query, another scenario in which I tried to setup by clicking on the image to show the text.

Query 1:

In the below type, I dont want to retain the text of first picture click. Though the learner will click second picture and text and voice need to show in same area.

My option: I thought to introduce the close button (in red colour) and only when learner click the close, can go to next image (becomes active) to click. Not sure if this is complicate to setup.
If there are other options which may be simple, would also be good.


Query 2:

In the other slide, when I do the HTML preview the CC caption is going away before the voice is finished.

But in the timeline, I kept it sufficient along with the speech but when going for preview (marked 1, 2, 3), the CC goes away before voice get complete.

You dont believe, when I tried to record this issue for you through ‘active presenter record screen’, the CC goes along with voice correctly. Not sure how it correct itself when I try to record the preview screen. But during preview again without any recording screen, it still lags the voice.

Hi Saravanan,

Query 1:
It’s not complicated at all. You can group the text and the close button, and add an action to hide the group to the On Click event of the close button.
Other options are hiding the text after a certain time (by setting Hide After parameter in Show Object action), or hiding the text when clicking other images.

Query 2:
As you may know, browsers can’t play audio automatically without a user interaction.
It may cause the audio to be out of sync with other objects.
Please add a Start button to your first slide to make sure audio can play automatically.

If the issue still persist, please share your project so that we can check.
Please also let us know your browser and OS.